Holding Tank Cleaner and Deodorant

Holding Tank Cleaner and Deodorant

I have used the following Recipe for over 10 years to Eliminate Odors and Clean the Black and Gray Holding tanks on Motor Homes, 5th Wheels, and Travel Trailers. It not only Cleans and Eliminates Odors, But Lubricates the Valves
In the Gray and Black Tanks as well as keeps the Sensors Clean so that you can tell how full your tanks are. It is Cheaper than the Chemicals that you buy, and in my opinion, does a better job and Less Harm to the Environment. Since using this Recipe, I have not had any Odors or problems with My Black or Gray Holding Tanks.


In a one gallon plastic jug Mix the following:

8 oz Arm and Hammer Baking Soda

8 oz Pine Sol

8 oz Liquid Fabric Softener

8 oz Household Ammonia

Finish filling the Jug with Water and Shake well to mix ingredients. Pour One cup down Toilet and each Sink. Add at least two gallons of Water to Empty Black and Gray Holding Tanks.

Cleaning Exceptionally Dirty Black Tank

Flush Black Tank with at least 10 Gal of Water Several Times.

Add 15 Gallons of Water to Black Tank and 2 bags of Ice down toilet.

Drive around Park for a short time and Dump immediately.


If Black Tank is not at least 3/4th Full, Then top of with water until 3/4th full before Dumping. This is necessary to fully Discharge solid waste from Black tank.

Don't Waste your Money Buying RV Toilet Paper. Regular Toilet Paper Works just fine and is made to Dissolve in Septic Tanks. Just driving a short distance, will dissolve it, from the swishing in the tank.

I do not know where this recipe came from, but it has worked for me over the years and has saved me a lot of money of buying chemicals that did not do the job, and were harmful to the environment.



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